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Prototypes from Europe ? Series from Asia?

Take a look at the label of your original American bluejeans – probably not "Made in USA".

Even the top German sports car manufacturer obtains more than half of its components from other countries.

Globalize? Do you also have to?

Naturally, our customers also request larger circuit board quantities and special technologies. And yes, our special division, formally designated as NON-POOL, obtains products from non-European countries.

Necessity can be a virtue

We have now created a concept based on 15 years of experience in the global procurement of circuit boards. We not only handle your technical and logistic development, but would also like to act with the clearest possible conscience. In our own interests, and certainly also in yours.


"LOW COST" is joined by – "but FAIR"

In practice: We personally audit all of the suppliers who work with us. We travel to the sites and look around. We do not establish a trade relationship unless the local employees work under acceptable conditions in accordance with ILO (International Labour Organization) and there is no evidence of child labour or similar abuses.

With our current domestic and international partners we can offer you circuit boards in small, medium and large series.

All our partners are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and UL.

You can receive offers from PCB-OVERSEAS for the following specifications:

  • Express service for prototypes as quickly as in 1 workday.
  • Quantities ranging from prototype to series
  • Circuit boards ranging from 1 to 48 layers
  • Rigid, flex, flex-rigid PCBs and IMSs
  • Blind-, Buried- and Plugged-Vias
  • Surfaces: chemical Ni/Au, chemical Ni/Pd/Au, chem. Ag, chem. Sn, galv. Ni/Au (hard gold), HAL (lead free), HAL (leaded) and OSP
  • Copper thicknesses of 9 µm to 3 mm of solid copper
  • Track/Gap size: >= 50 µm
  • Minimum drill diameter: >= 50 µm
  • Material thicknesses of 0.2 mm to 7.0 mm
  • Maximum dimensions: 1200 mm x 500 mm
  • Diverse base materials (Standard FR4, Halogen-free high Tg, ceramic, polyimide, Teflon, etc.)
  • Various colours for soldermask and silkscreen
  • Stripping lacquers, carbon print and carbon lacquer
  • Impedance control
  • Pressfit technology

Data review

We review your data before forwarding them to our partners and keep them available for possible queries until the completion of your order. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

We are your contact partner

You will be supported by one of our employees from the time of query to the delivery. He/she is your contact partner. He/she will assume complete responsibility for the perfect execution of your project.